January 13, 2015

better late than never

Happy 2015!! 

We wish we could have made it to Oregon, but this year it was not to be.  Ernie worked every day during the holiday season, except for the 25th and the 26th.  I worked at the theatre a little bit too, on a sewing project.  I was able to take a few days off from my job, and it was very nice to relax.  One of my days off was unexpected, because I got new brakes for Christmas!  My front calipers froze, and I may not have taken it in as soon as I should have because I was waiting for the problem to fix itself.  It didn’t.  It just caused more damage.  I guess I am glad that experience wasn’t more exciting, but I didn’t really want to get new brakes.

Patterns in the ice next to our boat.  Ice is soo cool!!  Hahaha!
Other than working too much and car problems, we had a fun holiday season.  We had a nice solstice fire with some theatre friends, and went to friends’ houses for both Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  I made my grandma’s rolls to take to both places, which made it really seem like the holidays.  New Year’s Eve was pretty quiet.  We just stayed home and watched a movie.  I got new skis and mittens for Christmas, but it has been pretty rainy this winter.  It got cold for a couple of days, and I almost made it out ice skating on the lake, but not quite.  Then it snowed about 10 inches and started raining off the next day.  It was beautiful, but we didn’t make it out skiing, and now most of the snow is gone.

Ernie’s latest show opened up on Friday, so we went to see it and make sure that everything on the set worked.  It did, with the minor exception of a sticking doorknob.  The play was The Mountaintop by Katori Hall, and it is a fictional representation of the last conversation that Martin Luther King Jr had, with a maid in his hotel room.  It was very well-written and not as sad as I was expecting.  I still cried though.  I always cry.
The glacier on one of the days when it was cold out.  I decided not to go ice skating by myself.

After the play had safely opened, we headed out to a cabin at the end of the road for a couple of days of off the grid relaxation.  I am hoping to have time to write that trip up in the next few days.

I hope everyone had a good holiday season this year!!

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