January 27, 2013


The other day (okay, maybe a couple of weeks ago), I had the thought, "I should start a blog".

Which was immediately followed by me remembering that actually, I did do have a blog.

So maybe I will start writing in it again.

I don't have too much to say, as life is pretty mellow right now (as it should be), but that works out, because after my long absence I doubt that too many people will notice either way.

It kinda takes the pressure off...

And then I could write about life in this magical place, and post recipes of things I invent to eat, and pictures of things that I like.  It would be like a giant art project.

I need to start carrying my camera everywhere I go anyway.  This point was hammered home this morning when I saw a family of river otters on the dock. While I was trying to figure out how to work the camera on my phone (no success), they jumped into the water and swam away. 

Since I don't yet carry my camera with me, I will share a couple of the last pictures that I took, from our Christmas trip to John Muir cabin.  We spiked up with friends on Christmas morning, after a breakfast of sugary monkey bread (no monkeys), and they headed back down while we stayed the night.  It was cold, about 0F, but we have been colder (Peterson Lake, 2010).  We decorated with glow sticks and played games all night.  The sunrise over Douglas was amazing.
The view out the back window.  A beautiful bluebird day!

View from the front porch.
The cabin itself.  My favorite!