March 25, 2011

Almost out of hibernation....

Soon I will start writing real posts again.  Probably.
Here's a quick one for you:

Spring is slowly making its way here.
It's sunny, and above freezing, so the snow pack is melting off.  Cautiously.
There is much more daylight than there once was.
The tour buses are out in circulation, and dangerous with new drivers.  I even saw an RV today, but I think it is here for Gold Medal.
I have traded my down coat for my green fleece hoody, though I haven't put the down coat in the closet.
Nothing is growing yet, and the cats still don't want to play outside.

That's pretty much the news.

It's not that we haven't been doing anything bloggable, but if I had gotten around to writing a new post before this, is would have gone something like this:

Hockey, hockey, hockey.  Hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey.  Should I play womens's league or D league (the "D" is for awesome, btw)?  Hockey, hockey hockey.
Hockey, hockey.
(I'm thinking about playing hockey next year.  Maybe it is time to learn the rules (and how to stop).)