December 01, 2014


View from the harbor this morning.

 Yesterday we finally got some snow.  By the time the storm was over we had around 10 inches of dry white powder on the ground (and everything else).  Our cover worked beautifully to shed the snow, again, and we spent most of the day cozy and warm in out boat.  I have to admit, this year I was hoping for less wintery weather, but now that it is here I am pretty excited.  I just have to pick up a pair of cross country skis.

View from my office this morning.  I know, it's amazing.

Today was clear, and tonight another storm is supposed to roll through, giving us about 4 more inches.  Then the weather is supposed to turn to rain, like it does.

We had a very good holiday weekend.  Our Thanksgiving feast was wonderful, and we got to try some new dishes this year.  Ernie's favorite was a casserole made from canned pineapple, cheddar cheese, and ritz crackers.  It wasn't my thing, but I had a bite and it was better than I thought it would be.  I hear it is a popular in the south.

On Friday we took advantage of the clear, frosty weather and went on a hike to the beach on the Point Bridget trail.  We brought Ernie's intern with us because she likes hiking and hadn't been out the road yet.  We saw several whales feeding off of Eagle Beach, which was the first time that the intern had seen whales, so it was a day of new experiences for her.  It was a good hike, made easier by the fact that the ground was frozen and therefore less muddy.  There has been some good work done on the forest part of the trail recently, and it looks like things will be nicer during the mud/flood season too.

I managed to coax one picture out of my camera battery before it froze to death.
On Saturday we joined the rest of Juneau in shopping at the public market.  This year I made good on my $7 entrance fee and bought quite a few things.  I am nearly done Christmas shopping for the year.  Sunday we relaxed and too care of chores.  I baked brownies, and then we braved the snowy roads to go to movie night, where we watched Grizzly Man. 

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Sandie said...

Great photos, Sarah! Happy to hear you and Ernie had some down time during the Thanksgiving week-end.